Intermedia PMK ITB

Prasasti Digital Para Kesatria Intermedia


Halo everyone. Just in case you might be interested where did our logos come from, and why there are lot of them, I write this. Why our logos differ was a mere variation for Warta. Occasionally, D&E use several variants of PMK ITB’s logo for Warta issues.

This is the logo used in letter stamp. Oldest use is in May 12th, 2006. YES, 2006. We found a Warta arthefact proving this.
The digital image is probably scanned from this letterhead.
Our current (as for June 2011) stamp image is similar to that one.

Another common variant. The oldest Warta documentation in which this one appeared is August 29th, 2008.

The “shrinked” version, as appeared on the date.

The glow version. One of this appeared on February 22nd, 2008. The creator is probably fond of something shiny and glossy, since four other similar design showed up on the 4th page on that Warta issue.

The transparent version, November 15th, 2009

The remake version, April 7th 2010. It uses white outline.

The newest version, first appeared on October 10th 2010.
The colored, exact copy of this version can be found at
and the CorelDRAW X5.3 vector version can be found at
As for November 2010, PMK ITB’s Twitter, Facebook group, Facebook page, Issuu account, Youtube account, Blogspot account, and Yahoo groups account uses this.

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